Sigma Kappa Sorority Secrets?


Many wonder about Sigma Kappa Sorority secrets. To the best of my knowledge, accurate facts about these secrets may not be available. Sorority members have pledged secrecy regarding some organization facts and they will not divulge these information.
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Almost all the Greek groups have a ceremony to reveal their secrets to
Go ask your sisters or your chapter advisor. And if you were actually in a sorority, you'd know no one is giving that information out publicly.
you'll never knoooow. I won't tell you because it IS a secret!
The letters "AOT" are secrets that only Kappa Deltas know. According to rumors, AOT stands for "Arete Opheleo Telos: Moral excellence accomplishes our end."
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There sorority secrets and rituals pf Sigma Kappa. The secrets can only be revealed to the members. There is no member who is willing to share them with the public ...
you'll never knoooow. I won't tell you because it IS a secret! ...
Kappa Sigma is said to be the biggest fraternity in North America. The members are sworn to not reveal their secret handshake. Some people though say it's just ...
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