What does "significado del nombre" mean?


The phrase significado del nombre is Spanish for the meaning of a name. Nombre is the Spanish word for name, and significado is a Spanish term for significance.

The naming of a child in any culture can be important since it reflects the choice made by a parent to show his interests, beliefs or heritage. Naming a child may occur in connection with a ceremony, or it may be handled informally and intimately. In some cultures, names are formally given during rituals such as baptism. Regardless of the manner in which a name is bestowed, it is a defining point for the family and for the child being named as the name becomes a part of that individuals identity.

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Significado De Los Nombres is a Spanish website. The service provided by Significado De Los Nombres is to provide the meaning of a person's name. First names and common variants are
The Spanish phrase 'Significado del nombre' translates to 'Meaning of the
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