Significance of Number 11?


The significance of the Number 11 is different for everyone depending on their beliefs. Those who practice Astrology and Numerology see the number 11 as the master number. Many people see this number as a symbol of balance. It can refer to the balance of play and work, the balance of emotion, and thought, and the balance of many other aspects. Spiritual people see the number 11 as a significant number, and a guide for how they live.
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The signing of the treaty that ended World War One -- armistice --took place on 11/11/ 1918 -- even at the eleventh hour -- 11:00 AM. This effectively ended conflict between the Allies
There may be more than one answer, but one answer for sure is that 11 is the number of promises that God made to the Israelites in Ex 23:22-31.
The number 11 possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty,
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The significance of the numbers 11 11 11 written in that sequence is the 11th date of November the year 2011. This combination of date and year occurs on a single ...
According to varying reactions, the number 11 11 has no real significance. Most of the theories are centred on religious beliefs with regards to the number 11 ...
Because 11 is a prime number that has only two factors which are itself and one. ...
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