What was the significance of the Second Battle of the Marne?


The Second Battle of the Marne took place between July 15, 1918 and August 4, 1918. The significance of this battle is the fact that it was a turning point in the war, and a successful Allied victory. This victory started the Allied advance. Today, many people refer to the Second Battle of the Marne as the start of the end of the Great War. It will remain an important part in history for many years to come.
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Allied casualties during the 2nd Battle of the Marne were
The Second Battle of the Marne - which ran from 15 July to 4 August 1918 - was intended as Germany's final major attempt at breakthrough on the Western Front prior to the arrival
The Second Battle of Marne was won by the Allies. This defeat lead many German commanders to believe they were defeated and cancel planned attacks in Flanders.
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