How to Sign over Parental Rights?


Signing over parental rights means relinquishing rights and responsibilities that come with being a parent a child. When signing over parental rights you need a voluntary relinquishment letter from a court where the child resides. A notary has to stamp the letter after you have signed it. The petition should then be filed to a court. Finally, you have to attend court sessions during the hearing of your petition.
Q&A Related to "How to Sign over Parental Rights"
1. Establish Paternity. Establish the paternity of the child. This can be achieved if the unmarried father's name is on the child's birth certificate with his consent, if he and the
Through the court.
Call a lawyer, they draw up papers & have the judge sign them. Some judges
That is something only the father of the child can do if he so desires to do, no one can force him to do this
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