What are signs that a guy friend has feelings for you?


A guy with feelings for his friend will constantly talk about the friend, show concern for the friend's needs, initiate physical contact, maintain a lot of eye contact and constantly joke and tease the friend. If a guy is not willing to explicitly state that he is interested, his behavior can do the talking for him.

When a guy is interested in something, he likes to talk about it according to The Single Woman Guide. This also applies to women. When a guy has feelings for a woman, he will talk about her a lot, especially to his friends. If a guy's friends know a great deal about a woman that they have never met or do not spend a lot of time with, this is a sign that the guy is romantically interested in the woman.

Men are problem solvers. If someone they care about has a problem, they want to fix it. This includes friends they are romantically interested in. A man may try to do things to help his friend or provide solutions to dilemmas that the friend is having. The concern is a sign that the man cares.

Body language is a great indicator of whether or not a man is interested in someone. If a guy likes a girl, he will constantly find reasons to touch her. He may give her hugs, high fives and pats on the back. The man will try to sit or stand next to the woman so that he can be close to her. When he is with the woman, he will show interest in her by constantly maintaining eye contact.

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Signs a Guy Friend Has Feelings for You
The relationship game is hardly simple. You might be really great friends with a particular guy, but it’s tough to know exactly what he’s thinking: does he secretly want to be something more or is he happy just as a friend and nothing else?... More »
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