What are some signs of a broken knuckle?


When a knuckle in the hand is broken it is most often characterized by a severe pain that is typically increased when gripping an object, swelling, tenderness, an inability to move the fingers normally and, in some cases, an obvious deformity, according to the Mayo Clinic. If facing these symptoms, a person must see a doctor to ensure that the hand heals properly, according to the Mayo Clinic.

When the knuckle is broken, it is common to hear a snapping or popping sound and sensation at the time of impact or injury, according to WebMD. Misalignment or abnormal movement of the broken bone in the knuckle and a numbness or coldness in the hand may also occur.

If a regular doctor appointment is unavailable at the time of injury, the injured person should visit an emergency room for evaluation. A physical examination is used in addition to X-rays to make a diagnosis of a broken knuckle. If it is broken, a splint or cast is required to heal the knuckle. Some more serious knuckle fractures require surgery to ensure that the hand heals properly and that the entire range of motion is restored after healing.

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