Signs of a Ruptured Gallbladder?


Prior to a gallbladder rupture, the pain of gallbladder disease will be strong. If it ruptures, the pain will disappear. At some point, bile will start leaking into the abdominal cavity and cause severe pain and stomach swelling. If treatment is not obtained soon, septic shock will occur from infection. The person may experience nausea, failure to produce urine or stool and be very thirsty.
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The signs of a gallbladder perforation (rupture) are: increasing abdominal pain or increasing pain under right rib cage increasing "referred" pain (usually felt in the right
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The inflammation is often very severe and can lead to gangrene or
Severe pain on swollowing. Severe chest pain. Pain may mimic a heart attack and be accompanied by sweating profusely (diaphoresis) nausea, blody vomitus and fainting. The esophagus
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