What are some signs of bad rotors?


There are several signs to look out for if you think you have bad rotors. They can include grinding noise when breaking, pulsating brakes, or you can see ridges in the rotor.
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The rotor is what the brake pads hold onto when you apply the brakes. If you look through the tire rims or remove the hubcap, you can see the brake rotors, which are circular in shape
Several things to watch for. Your brakes will sometimes start to stutter or pulse as you apply them. Occasionally you will hear a noise like a grinding or a squeal. With any luck,
Its ALWAYS a good idea to change the cap and rotor when changing the plugs and wires since they are so cheap anyways. Check the cap and rotor on the inside for wear and corrosion.
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What Are the Signs of Bad Rotors?
A vehicle's brake pads clamp down on the rotors, or brake discs, on to stop the wheels from spinning. They play a vital role in all vehicles; you must maintain them properly and replace them when necessary to ensure proper stopping and safe driving. Look... More »
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