What Are the Signs of Bad Spark Plugs?


Spark plug wires are a critical part in a vehicle's electrical system. If you think your spark plugs are having trouble firing or have gone bad, a few of the following will be tell-tale signs. If your car has a rough engine idle, an engine miss, reduced engine power or your engine hesitates, you should change your spark plugs as soon as possible.
Q&A Related to "What Are the Signs of Bad Spark Plugs"
Answer A lot of black carbon on the plug means your engine is running too rich, too much fuelOil on the electrode area means your rings are going bad and oil is bypassing the rings
Signs of a bad spark plug include poor fuel mileage, rough idle, no
worn electrodes. if you have regular plugs with over 50K miles on them change 'em. If u have platinum with over 60K, change 'em. if they look corroded change 'em. If they have large
If replaced incorrectly the vehicle will miss fire and run poorly. I think that routing of the wiring is important, but that is mostly a style based issue. Wires need to be routed
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