Silent Auction Basket Ideas?


Basket ideas for a silent auction can be plentiful. A movie and popcorn basket is good. A spa basket with a facial mask, lotion, nail polish and beauty creams is another idea. Do one for a guy with small tools and gloves.
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Silent Auction Basket Ideas
The most popular silent auctions incorporate baskets with original themes and quality items. But don't worry, if you're short on ideas, here a few theme suggestions to get you started.... More »
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1. Choose a theme for your basket, such as "movie night" or "pasta night. The basket will be more appealing if it's designed around a theme. 2. Attach themed embellishments
A creative silent auction basket theme is Mexican food - Gift cards to
Certainly they can be "themed" with regard to age groups, though you may find 80 year old women bidding as high as younger, on Spa passes etc. Actually I'd avoid FOOD in
Dinner auctions and silent auctions are popular ways of soliciting donations to a charity, school, or some other cause. Parents or other donors are asked to create themed gift baskets
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Preparing a themed silent auction basket is not a difficult task. First, find a large basket that will fit all items. Pick items that will go with the theme. You ...
1. Think of a theme. Some popular silent auction baskets I've done are Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Home Decor, Pamper Me, Sports Lover, Family Game night, Family ...
Chinese auctions are also referred to as basket auctions or silent auctions. To run a Chinese auction you first select people to assist you and then purchase the ...
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