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The value of a silver certificate varies based on the amount of the denomination as well as the year of the certificate. The first silver certificates issued in 1880 were $1 notes, and they may be worth between $40 and $250. Many of the other silver certificates are not worth nearly as much. A 1899 $1 has a value of up to $250, while a 1923 $1 has a value of $20 to $40. A 1935 or 1937 $1 has a value between$2 and$4.
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That's an extremely broad question, because silver certificates were printed for many years in several denominations. Please post a more specific query giving the bills' denominations
Do you mean 19. 57. ? That was the last series year for silver certificates. If that's correct, you have one of the most common examples of that type of bill. Current retail is around
As of 01/2010, a Hawaii overprint $1 bill is worth anywhere from $10. to $40. in circulated condition, and over $135 if uncirculated. These bills were specially printed by the Treasury
There's no such bill. Specifically: 1. No $2 silver certificates have been printed since the 19th century 2. No U.S. bills of any denomination were printed with that date. Please
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Most 1935 silver certificates are worth a small amount over the face value. Circulated ones usually sell for about $1.25 to $1.50. Uncirculated ones usually sell ...
Most 1935 silver certificate dollar bills are worth a small premium over face value. If it is a circulated bill they sell for $1.25 to $1.50 each. Uncirculated ...
The value of a five dollar silver certificate will depend upon its date of issue. The value may also depend upon condition. A 1934 issue is worth about $8, or ...
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