What is the value of a silver dollar coin?


As of April 2013, the value of a silver dollar coin is $8.61 based on the weight of the coin itself in relation to the going rates of silver and copper currently. To collectors, however, the range of price with this coin will depend on the condition and age/rarity of the coin. These coins can range in price from $7.50 to $80.00, depending on a number of factors. There are several free online resources available online which can be used for the appraisal of coins.
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The U.S. stopped making silver dollars in 1935. If you have a coin from a different country please post a new question that includes the name of the country.
The value of 1923 silver dollar coin depends on its condition but
The US didn't make any silver dollars for circulation from 1804 to 1835 inclusive. There are many counterfeit "dollars" with impossible dates and designs. If your coin has
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