How to Dye Hair Grey or Silver?


To dye you hair grey or silver can be very easy. First you will need to purchase hair dye kit from your local beauty shop or store. Follow the instruction inside of the box on how to apply the dye in your hair. Another option is to visit a beautician whom can dye your hair permanently.
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1. Mix one packet of powder bleach with 4 ounces of 30 or 40 volume developer in a small bowl with a hair dye brush. Apply the mixture to dry hair with the same hair dye brush, starting
1. Get a bleach kit. In order to achieve, glossy, silver hair, you will first need to purchase a 40-volume bleach kit. You can buy these at many stores, even at pharmacies. Ad. 2.
The only finding for silver platinum hair dye that I was able to find is a
1. Prepare the hair bleach in the kit. Use gloves while doing this. 2. Part your hair so the strands at the bottom of your hair are loose. You will dye this hair first. Place the
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Silver grey hair dye is used to achieve an older look and is generally only common in the movie industry as a temporary solution when opting to not go with a wig ...
There is actually silver hair dye available at some beauty supply stores. To dye your hair silver simply follow the instructions with the dye. Most silver dye ...
To dye dark hair to burgundy, perform an allergy tests to determine if your scalp will have a bad reaction to your hair dye; cover your skin as possible then read ...
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