How to Unblock a SIM Card If It Is Rejected?


There are various ways to fix a SIM card that is rejected. You should check to see if it sits well in its slot. The best way to unblock the SIM card is to follow the manual that came with your SIM card.
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1. Locate the SIM card on the phone. Generally the card is stored under the battery. You'll probably have to remove the back cover before you can slide out the battery. Be sure the
you entered an incorrect PIN.
A sim card is a small cardthat is put into a slot on the phone behind the battery. It contains all of the information of the person that owns the ocntract of service.
What is a SIM card? If you've got a cell phone, chances are good that you've also got a SIM card. These little devices are very important to your cell phone operation, so learn about
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