Similarities between Ancient and Modern Olympics?


There are quite a few similarities with ancient and the modern Olympics. Some are They were both held every four years. They both have many of the same sporting events. There are many more events in modern Olympics.
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Take place every 4 years. Athletes compete for their home place in the sport they are best at. Athletes train to do their best and hopefully win.
The olympics have been a living traditon for centuries. Back then and today the olympics recognize the best athletes in each division. This not only caused personal pride, but today
Ancient. Akkadian: šalāš. Sumerian: SALSU. Modern. Chinese: sān. Estonian: kolm (with thanks to. Genie Khmelnitski. who provided this one in an answer to.
Long live Macedonia! Long live Thessaloniki,capital city of Macedonia! Macedonians are Greeks since 3000 years! Skopians are a Titoistic Pseudonation of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavisation
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The main difference between the modern and ancient Olympics is the type of games that are played. Also, ancient Olympics did not have summer games and winter games ...
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