Similarities between Kinetic and Potential Energy?


Kinetic and potential energy shares several similarities. Kinetic energy is possessed by a body through use of its movement. For example, a baseball player propels the baseball across great distances by swinging a bat at it, which is an example of kinetic energy. Potential energy is not affected by its surroundings, however. That same baseball player has no kinetic energy with a car that speeds past him. Similarly, they are both measured in Joules (J). Mass is a determining factor for both forms of energy.
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They can be converted into each other and that's about it.
Kinetic energy is the extra energy it has due to its motion. It is the work required to move an object from rest to its current velocity. Potential energy is the energy stored in
1. Write out the total energy equation: E = K + U, where E is total energy, K is kinetic energy and U is potential energy. 2. Subtract potential energy from total energy and this
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Potential energy is the stored energy
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Potential energy is the energy that a non-moving object has. It is the energy that it has the potential to have, like a ball perched up on the edge of a shelf. ...
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