Similarities between Monocots and Dicots?


Monocots and Dicots are quite different owning to the fact that Monocots have single cotyledons and Dicots have two. But there are also some similarities between seeds and flowers of Dicots and monocots. They are a part of division Angiospermae. They produce embryo is closed carpels. Reproduction is through seeds, which demonstrates a sexual mode of reproduction.
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Both monocot and dicot plants bear flowers and fruits. Their habit and habitats are also same.
1: Both have seed coats. 2: Both have endosperm as food reserve. 3: Both undergo the same development process for instance germination. 3: Both have primary growth.
Dicots- The primary root emerges
1. Count the number of petals on the flower. If there are three, or a multiple of three (six, nine, and so forth) then the flower is likely a monocot. If there are four or five petals
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The similarity between monocots and dicots is that they are both angiosperm, photosynthesize, flowers and are edible. They are also seeds enclosed within a fruit ...
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