Similarities between Physical and Chemical Changes?


The biggest similarity between a physical and a chemical change is that the state of the reactants are changed. Also, both chemical and physical changes are always accompanies by the changes in the energy. Heat can be consumed and released in both types of changes, both physical and chemical. Also, another similarity is that new products are formed as a result of both of the reactions. Despite these similarities, the two changes are quite different from each other.
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Chemical and physical changes are not similar. Chemical change: a process in which the nature of molecules is changed. Ex. burning, precipitation, decomposition. Physical change:
Chemical changes alter the chemical
The chemical properties of a substance change in case of a chemical change whereas in a physical change,the chemical composition of a compound essentially remains the same. Embed
You only changed the appearence it is now smaller. It didn't magically turn into a pencil. It is still paper.
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