Similarities of Shinto and Buddhism?


There are so many similarities between Shinto and Buddhism. As a matter of fact they may be the same thing. Shinto is considered the Japanese version of Buddhism.
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As far as i understand they are the same thing. Shinto is a Japanese variant of Buddhism, reliant on the spirits of sacred animals eg: racoon, fox, cat. However, Buddha is still very
Buddhism and Shinto had a yin yang relationship from the start, which is one of the main reasons why they fit so well together. One would think the contrary would occur, but in such
Zen focuses on meditation and enlightenment from within. Shinto means "way of the gods. Originally from Japan, Shinto is a separate religion from Buddhism, although it was heavily
The word Shinto is comprised of 2 Chinese characters often
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There are many key differences between Shinto and Buddhism. Shintoism is typically associated with religion, and although it's similar, it's actually a cultural ...
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