Similes in Fahrenheit 451?


There were a number of similes that could be found in the book Fahrenheit 451. One of these similes is found within the quote 'There was only a girl walking with him now, her face bright as snow in the moonlight, and he knew...' In this phrase, the author uses the word 'as' as the figure of speech in this particular writing scene to compare the things that are mentioned, such as the face of the character being described.
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"There was only the girl walking with him now, her face bright as snow. " Her face was like a snow-covered island. upon which rain might fall. These are similes because
Example from Fahrenheit 451: There was only a girl walking with him now, her
A simile is an indirect comparison. It usually uses the words “like” or “as” to compare two unlike things. Clarisse uses two different similes to describe
I don't think there are any. You should read the book and post any you find. You may be breaking new literary ground here! You could be famous! Hurry, go read your own homework and
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