Simon Says Ideas?


If you and your friends want to play Simon says, here are a few ways to play. First get a few people to play. Then you have to pick a person to be Simon. After you pick 'Simon' then the Simon says to do something, and the people have to do what Simon says. If 'Simon' doesn't say 'Simon says' and the people still does it, they are out.
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1. Line up the group across from you, 10 to 20 feet away. 2. Tell the players that they should all obey you if you first say the words "Simon says. 3. Tell them that they are
1. Seat yourselves in a circle, or stand in a group. Ad. 2. Choose one person to be the leader, aka Simon. 3. “Simon”then orders all sorts of different things to be done
this kid named Simon from the 1600's. He was my best friend :3.
Likely when referring to a manager whose name is Simon Embed Quote
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