Singer Install Bobbin Case?


In order to install a bobbin case on a Singer sewing machine, you will first need to determine the model number. The model number should be on the back or underside of the unit. Once you've obtained the model number, you are able to go to the official Singer website in order to search for the product manual for your machine. The support page will have a searchable database used to keep documentation and product manuals.
Q&A Related to "Singer Install Bobbin Case?"
1. Unplug the cord from the wall outlet. Turn the hand wheel on your Singe XL-1000 to raise the needle to the highest possible position . 2. Lift the presser-foot lever to raise the
Usually when this happens the bobbin is in wrong, replace it make sure the thread is going out the right way, make sure there is no lint or small pieces of thread around or underneath
The bobbin case should lay flat in the bobbin cradle. Use foot pedal or turn wheel to move bobbin cradle forward. When inserting the bobbin the thread must unwind in the clockwise
I assume you've looked at this site , which is all about that family of Singer machines. There's a pdf on bobbin case removal , although the scan is poor and the diagrams don't look
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