Singer Install Bobbin Case?


In order to install a bobbin case on a Singer sewing machine, you will first need to determine the model number. The model number should be on the back or underside of the unit. Once you've obtained the model number, you are able to go to the official Singer website in order to search for the product manual for your machine. The support page will have a searchable database used to keep documentation and product manuals.
Q&A Related to "Singer Install Bobbin Case?"
1. Turn off the sewing machine using the power switch or unplug the machine for the utmost safety. Turning off the machine will ensure the needle won't accidentally puncture your
Usually when this happens the bobbin is in wrong, replace it make sure the thread is going out the right way, make sure there is no lint or small pieces of thread around or underneath
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The bobbin case is categorized as an Apollo Bobbin Case. It popped out after I was trying to replace the bobbin into it after removing the thread that got caught underneath it.. how
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