How to Create a Basting Stitch With the Singer Sewing Machine.?


1. Locate the "Stitch length selection" dial. The dial is on the front right side on the majority of Singer sewing machine models. 2. Turn the dial to select the longest stitch length option. 3. Align the edge of the fabric with the 5/8-inch mark
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Straight Line Stitch's lead singer is Alexis Brown hopes to inspire
Doesn't do a true pearl stitch, but set up for a tight, narrow, 3-thread rolled hem. See:…. Source(s) 50 years of sewing.
You need to look at your manual, you will see that it is on page 17. If, you do not have your manual go to and download a free copy of your instructions. You have
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Handy Stitch is the name of a cordless sewing machine made by Singer. The instructions for the sewing machine would tell you that you turn the machine on by pressing ...
Singer sewing machine troubleshooting can be done to determine stitches, looping, and tension problems. Most singer manuals also come with basic troubleshooting ...
1. Turn the tension knob to loosen the tension to zero or no tension. Do this when starting a new sewing project, switching fabrics or changing stitch patterns ...
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