What are examples of single mom quotes?


Inspirational quotes for single moms can offer comfort in times when feeling overwhelmed. A popular single mom quote is as follows, 'Single working moms are teaching their kids a solid work ethic; You're teaching them that we don't just have things handed to us, and have to work for the things we want. If they are properly cared for while you're out earning the money you need to get by, why should you feel guilty?' This is especially important for single working moms who feel they don't get enough quality time.
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1. Plan your dates, phone calls and interaction in advance. One of the biggest differences between single life and life with children is the amount of planning involved in raising
1 Know your priorities! Children are always on the top list. Ad 2 Be a good planner. Set monthly budgets, plan outings and celebrate special occasions. At home, be a friend to your
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