Sinus Perforation?


A sinus perforation can occur when a maxillary tooth is extracted. The perforation will typically heal in a decent amount of time, as long as it is treated properly. By following the directions given by the doctor, an individual with a perforated sinus should heal easily. Some things that you should not do with a sinus perforation include blowing your nose, messing with the clot in the socket, and smoking. It is also important to take the medication that were prescribed by the doctor.
Q&A Related to "Sinus Perforation?"
JoAnn - I am assuming that you are speaking of a sinus perforation during a dental extraction or other dental surgical procedure. The symptoms early on are often minimal other that
As you know, AVVO is a great informational forum. However, most of the information here is of a general nature and most of the attorneys, including myself, have marketing as one legitimate
year old patient was undergoing root canal. The file perforated in the maxillary sinus. The irrigating solution did not return back. A few seconds later it came out through the patients
The sinus membrane is a very thin membrane (similar to our skin when it peels after sun burn) therefore perforation may happen during the surgery. If it does happen, the surgery should
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