What Are Some Examples of Real Life Sinusoidal Functions?


A bouncing spring, a roller coaster, and the varying electric current in your household are all real life examples of sinusoidal functions. A swinging pendulum also represents a sinusoidal function.
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any thing that is cyclic which repeats itself has some thing to do with sinusoidal function, for example the planetary motions around the sun. the equation is: x=Asin(wt+theta'Bcos(
1. We can model a real world situation by applying ratios. If you want to know the height of a building and can measure its shadow on the ground and the angle of elevation of the
See the INTERNET site below for an explanation. There are more uses, this is only one person's answer to your question. At one machine shop for General Motors they make and repair
Functional integration can be used to understand how light scatters in a medium. Techniques derived using functional integrals have been turned into high speed algorithms for rendering
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