What symbols represent sisterhood?


There are various symbols that are used to represent sisterhood. A sisterhood can exist between sisters who are real siblings, a good friendship between two or more women, and a sisterhood of a group of women, such as an organization, who work toward a common goal. Symbols are like logos that are recognizable between members of the sisterhood. Some women choose to get matching tattoos as a symbol of sisterhood and unity. Sororities use symbolism to represent them.
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The Celtic trinity knot like on the show Charmed " Threee acting as one"
I cannot use the special character associated with the symbol. I am sorry
Orange. or Coral. so pretty, feminine, & lively!
Sisterhood can be written as '姐妹', which is pronounced as 'jie mei'.
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The most popular tattoo that symbolizes sisterhood is the Celtic knot. It represents female deities. Another tattoo that symbolizes sisterhood is the triqueta. ...
The delta zeta secrets are carefully guarded by the sorority members. They are rumored to have a secret handshake that symbolizes their sisterhood, but only a ...
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