How to Explain the Six Steps in the Communication Process?


The six elements of communication process are sender, message, encoding, channel, receiver, and decoding. The sender is where the communication begins while receiver is the person who listens to the message or subject of communication. Channel refers to the way the message is conveyed while encoding refers to the views and feelings of the source and decoding is when the receiver converts the communication symbols into a message.
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1. Formulate the idea in your mind. You might think of something you want to relate to another person. This is the point at which the idea occurs and is the first stage of communication
Here are the various components of the communication process in detail. Input. The sender has an. intention. to communicate with another person. This intention makes up the. content
Input.The sender has an intention to communicate with another
The six major elements of the communication process are context, sender / encoder, message, medium, recipient / decoder, and feedback.
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