How do you sketch drawings of angels?


There are various ways to sketch out fashion designs and angels. Find references or inspiration if you want, and take ideas from them. Practice drawing these and other images of angels to gain skills in drawing.
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1. Sketch the frame of the building. Next, sketch any windows and doors of the building. The two most important aspects of the sketch include the accuracy of window and door placement
1. To start off, think of your planned sketch. Visualize it in your mind and if you can, rotate it in your brain, to better understand what you'll be drawing. Ad. 2. Look for shapes
dont you dare question me. you answer on what you know or your own ideas! :
Here is a good one: How to Draw What You See. I feel bad about just pointing you to a book and going my merry way. Is there a specific aspect of drawing that you are having difficulty
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