What are some skin diseases caused by not bathing?


Not bathing or having poor hygiene habits in your home can cause various diseases, especially to your skin. Parasites find a place to live when the body is not kept clean. Skin diseases that can be caused by poor hygiene include scabies, head lice, hookworm, threadworm, roundworm, or giardiasis. Poor personal and domestic hygiene can also lead to other parasitic, viral, and bacterial diseases such as food poisoning, gastroenteritis, trachoma, and hepatitis A. Personal hygiene is important to health as well as social interaction.
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1. Wash your hands prior to cleaning your infected skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should wash your hands for a minimum of 15 seconds. Thoroughly dry your hands. 2. Put on
the skin protects the body from disease by keeping disease-causing microorganisms outside the body.
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What did you vet say. I am sure you vet gave yo some good advice and suggested a quality shampoo to use. As for the black spots being blackheads, I doubt that, could be fleas or baby
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