How do you get a skinny waist quickly?


According to, doing various exercises such as the tone-it V hold and navel-to-spine pulse plays a significant role in slimming down the waist quickly. Eating certain foods, such as asparagus and raspberries, tones the waist as well.

To execute the tone-it V hold, says to sit with the knees bent and the feet on the floor. Clasp under the thighs, and lean back. The lower legs remain parallel to the floor. Ensure that the legs are strengthened, release the hands, and hold in position for eight breaths. Repeat the same motions three times.

In order to perform the navel-to-spine pulse, notes that lying face up with the knees bent is necessary. The feet remain on the floor. Keep the shoulders lifted, and grab under the thighs with both hands, while tightening the abs. Lift the pelvis while letting go of the thighs and reaching forward. Pulse at least 20 times. Return to the start position, reach hands to the outer thigh, and follow with the same maneuver with the right-side of the torso. Return to the default position, and switch to the left-side of the torso. These move sequences comprise one set. Do two sets for maximum effectiveness.

Regarding diet, raspberries contain soluble fibers that reduces bad cholesterol; and, this helps dieters lose weight, according to Asparagus burns calories, and helps to thin the waistline, because it is low in sugar and high in vitamin C and folate.

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