How do you disassemble an SKS rifle?


SKS is one of the many types of riffles. When you want to disassemble an SKS riffle, you need to be careful. Remove the ammo first then you can get to other parts.
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1. Remove the rifle tool case by pressing the back of the butt plate cover. 2. Unlock the bayonet lock-located on the bayonet assembly-and let the bayonet hang vertically. Remove
SKS: Soviet 7.62x39mm self-loading post WWII rifle. Provided a lightweight alternative, eventially
In the desert states area they go from $300 to $500 depending on Manufacturer. Chinese are lower priced, the Russians higher priced. The North Korean, East German are thru the roof
SKS rifles were made in the 1960's when the first specimens started to come into the U.S.
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The value of a Yugoslavian SKS varies on the condition of the gun. If the SKS is in good condition the value is around $400. This depends on the where the gun ...
The SKS fires ammo known as 7.62x39mm caliber. The ammo for an SKS is half as compared to the 30-06. The 30-06 will not work with an SKS. It was 1947 when SKS ...
A Yugo SKS is also known as a Yugoslavian SKS. It is a Russian semi-automatic rifle. Used versions are available online or through some military surplus stores. ...
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