What is an effective skunk repellent?


You can repel skunks by removing all outdoor food sources including trash. You can also buy skunk repellent. The repellent can be bought at most home improvement stores.
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1. Eliminate food sources that attract skunks. Dispose of all of your garbage and food waste. Make sure your garbage can has a snug fitting lid to reduce odors that attract skunks
Skunk repellents prevent damage caused by skunks by keeping them off your property. Repellents like sprinklers, flood lights, and even homemade spicy pepper solutions are effective
Pet stores sell several deodorizing chemicals to help dispel skunk odor in a house in the
Some of each of the answers are right and some of each of the answers so far are wrong Skunks are true omnivorous mammals (NOT carnivors); active night feeders that will consume insects
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