Skunk Smell off a Dog?


A skunk smell emanates from liquids that are released by animals known as skunks. To get skunk smell off dogs; you can use a mixture of water and vinegar. First wear protective gears and scrub the dog with this mixture then rinse it using clean water.
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Face it - dogs love sticking their noses in things. And if you live in an area that has a few patches of trees and bushes or even if you just have a garden, there's a decent chance
Here is a link to a recipe that will get the smell out
You can not totally get the smell out but. give the dog a bath in tomato juice, yes you heard me. The juice has an acid in it that will really cut the smell. Soak the dog in the juice
Use equal amounts of vinegar and water. Wash the animal thoroughly and rinse with clear water, followed by another good dousing of the vinegar and water solution. However, make the
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