Slamming METH?


To slam meth, you would need an injection, a cotton swab and an IV pipe. For slamming meth take the pipe and tie it just above your elbow. This will expose the vein and you can inject the meth directly. Clean the area with a cotton swab. But don't overdo this because it can be fatal.
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Slamming meth is a term used for injecting. Signs vary from needle marks on bend or arms, top of hands, back of
it is the chemicals used into making meth and slamming is so intense it shocks your brain lungs and heart making you have a brief gag reflex like coughing.
depends on how much you do it if its your first time then maybe a hand full.
Well what a great idea, akin to teaching him how to play "Russian Roulette" with only two bullets in the chambers instead of four. Or driving over the embankment at 40 miles
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