Slash and Burn Agriculture?


Slash and burn agriculture is the process of cutting down the vegetation and setting it on fire. The ashes and foliage that will remain are used to provide nutrients to the soil for use of planting food crops. It is a method of cultivation mostly used by tropical forest farmers.
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Slash and burn agriculture is the practice of cutting and burning forests and woodlands so the land can be used for agriculture or for the raising of livestock, or both.
Slash and Burn Agriculture is when forests are cleared out for a crop and done so
when the people burn the trees and plants the nutrients come up in the air and down in the gound.
Meso-American, Central Americans, Indonesian, Ituri Forests, Melanesian, New Guinean, North American, South American, and Zambian civilizations all used "slash and burn"
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Stone age people practiced slash and burn agriculture, a technique which clears land to create fields. It involved cutting and burning forests or woodlands. This ...
Slash-and-burn is a system in agricultural which involves cutting down and burning of forests to create fields. Generally, it is a method of clearing land for ...
Slash and burn farming is a type of shifting agriculture whereby natural plants are cut down, and then burned as a means of clearing the land for cultivation. ...
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