Slick MP3 Player?


The best way to find out how to use the Slick MP3 player is to refer to the owner's manual that corresponds with your player model. In most cases, manuals are included with the player, or you can find them online.
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1. Plug in the USB cord your Slick MP3 Player came with into the Slick MP3 Player's open port. Plug the other end of the USB cord into an open USB port on your computer. If you are
The Digital Slick MP3 player from the Family Dollar generally costs between $10-20
An mp3 player is an electronic device that you can put mp3 music files onto and then listen to them whenever you want to. Most require batteries, some can be charged up by plugging
Huh? What? What's a slick mp3 player? Isn't that some portable player? What do you mean install it? You don't install a player. What are you asking?
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An MP3 player like the Augen MP3 player is a music player that supports the MP3 audio format. The MP3 files are digital music files. They can be purchased and ...
An Mp3 player is a consumer electronic device whose main function is storing, organizing and playing audio files in the Mp3 format. Mp3 files offers near CD-quality ...
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