Slippery Shoes?


Slippery shoes can be dangerous, or at the very least annoying. To make them less slippery, try scratching up the surface with sand paper, or by walking on gravel. There are also anti-slip sprays that can be applied to the bottom of the shoe. If there is a pair of particularly slippery shoes, they can be brought to a shoe repairer for adjustments.
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1. Run a fine-grit 000 sandpaper over the bottom of the shoe sole. Scratch the sandpaper gently over the entire sole. After three to four swipes with the sandpaper, run your hand
1 Wipe them off with your hand or rag to get it off. If you're still slipping around, your grip might be worn off your shoes. Ad
use rubber soles.
Well, yes, there is the sandpaper trick, so you could try that. If you don't have sandpaper, just scrape the part you walk on over some concrete a few times, that will rough it up
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If the soles of your shoes are slippery, you can try rubbing the bottom with a low grade or fine sandpaper until you have created a rough surface. Be careful and ...
To help stop shoes being slippery, scuff up the soles of the shoes. The finish on the shoes is what is slippery and wearing off the finish will help prevent the ...
1. Keep the tread of the shoe clean and dry. Be sure to wash the sole regularly. When you notice the shoe starting to slide out, rinse the sole with mildly soapy ...
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