Slogan on Potassium?


Potassium is an element with symbol K and atomic number 19. There are many fun slogans about potassium which you can find online. For instance, one slogan is 'Too much potassium Is a pain in the assium.' Another one is 'Go Bananas for Potassium'.
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If you want to fertilize your garden your gunna need a pardon for potassium.
Try one of these: 'You're OK with K. 'Go Bananas! Eat Potassium! 'Gotta Have
potassium.still more awesome than hydrogen.
Go bananas! Eat bananas! Have potassium!!!
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Potassium's nice to poison old men, But leave it alone when in the family den. Who knew bananas were so heart healthy? Potassium. A banana a day to keep the heart ...
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