Slogans for Aluminum?


There a few different slogans for aluminum. One is, 'whether kicking the can, the bucket, or the drum. You can always kick it with aluminum.' These were fun sayings that people with share with each other.
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You can do something like this: Aluminum: Because you can. Use aluminum to lighten up your load in life. Whether kicking the can, the bucket, or the drum, You can always kick it with
I found this slogan for aluminum clever: Whether your kicking the can, the bucket
Aluminum--strong and light. And it doesn't rust! Aluminum, the most recyclable metal! If you happen to be in Canada . . . Aluminum, Canada's gift to the world! Did you know Napoleon
Aluminum: Causing Alzheimer's for
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One may need a good slogan for aluminum if they sale this product. Aluminum is often used to make such products as cans, signs, and siding. One may also need a ...
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