Smacked Bottom?


The term "smacked bottom" is an alternative way of referring to spanking. This is a form of corporal punishment. Parents have been in great debate for years over whether it is a fair form of punishment or simply abuse.
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Mothers smack their children's bottom when they're naughty.
Maybe you have a nice bottom. Is there anything else I can help you with? ChaCha
To open the smack the bottom. Just as glass jars, like what spaghetti sauce/jam comes in. The popping sound is the seal popping.
Next time he does it tell him calmly but firmly that you don't like it when he does that and could he please stop. If he does it again say it more forcefully. If you've told him several
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1. Take both shoes off if they are on your feet. Stand outside the court area and smack the soles hard against each other several times. 2. Grab a stick and poke ...
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