How to Restore a Small Aluminum Fishing Boat?


To restore a small aluminium fishing boat requires two main steps : Fixing leaks and Polishing.Check the rivets for leak in the boat and with a helper tighten each rivet.Also fill the bottom of the boat with water for other leaks.Turn the boat and steady it with wooden blocks and do the painting.
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1. Lift the boat up and put it on saw horses. Let the boat sit in the upright position. Fill the bottom of the boat with water and check from beneath for leaking rivets. Circle each
The weight would be anywhere between 800, and 2135 lbs, depending on the model and year of manufacture.
You certainly can, as long as what it's made of won't leach chemicals into the water. Make sure it doesn't displace more water then you intended it to, or you'll be cleaning up a
A timber boat is high maintenance. Trust me, I've had quite a few. You're always sanding timber, varnishing timber, repairing timber and lots more. Now if you're happy to be doing
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