What Causes a Small Painful Bump under Your Tongue in the Salivary Gland?


A small painful bump under your tongue in the salivary glands can have several causes. The bump may be from a canker sore, which is highly contagious. Other, more serious causes, can be a stone in a salivary gland or mouth cancer. If the sore bump persists, you need to see a doctor.
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Normal Ive got that too, it gets bigger or smaller at times. My dentist said its a gland or calcium growth and is normal. Have it checked the next time you get your teeth cleaned
It's just an anomaly. Many people have them under their tounges. Don't worry about it. You're perfectly normal. : Source(s) I'm a dental assistant.
It could possibly be inflamed papillae. Frenuluma is the small fold of integument
Not Medical Advice: Large bumps on the back of the tongue can be caused by allergies, injury, canker sores, warts, or Kawasaki Disease. See an MD.
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