What Causes a Small Painful Bump under Your Tongue in the Salivary Gland?


A small painful bump under your tongue in the salivary glands can have several causes. The bump may be from a canker sore, which is highly contagious. Other, more serious causes, can be a stone in a salivary gland or mouth cancer. If the sore bump persists, you need to see a doctor.
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you should eat some vitamin C.
It's just an anomaly. Many people have them under their tounges. Don't worry about it. You're perfectly normal. : Source(s) I'm a dental assistant.
It could possibly be inflamed papillae. Frenuluma is the small fold of integument
Not Medical Advice: Large bumps on the back of the tongue can be caused by allergies, injury, canker sores, warts, or Kawasaki Disease. See an MD.
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