Small Round Yellow Pill?


The small round yellow pill could be various drugs. It could be adbilify or oxycodone ER. You need to be sure before taking any medication. Ask a pharmacist.
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8 Mar 2007 Your pill is 40mg Oxycodone ER (generic Oxycontin), a strong narcotic analgesic.
Looks like it's a Rabeprazole 20mg. This is used to treat GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disorder). But please doublecheck me. I have two sites listed below -- one with photos.
1. Examine the yellow pills for any identifying characteristics. Note their shape, size and any colored patterns on the pills. Do they have any imprinting on them, including numbers
Pill imprint 2683 V has been identified as Diazepam 5 mg.
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A pill that is round, yellow, and has 81 on it is an Aspirin Delayed Release tablet 81 mg. Delayed released tablets are used to increase the bioavailability. ...
A small blue round pill can be Roxicodone. The small round blue pill can also be the Oxycodone drug. A pharmacist can assist with determining the exact name of ...
There is no way to identify a small round pink pill without knowing the markings on the pill. All United States pills come with some sort of identifying letters ...
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