How to Make a BB Gun into a Small Shotgun?


Small shotguns refer to types of guns that shoot spherical projectiles through a smoothbore barrel. In order to make BB gun into shotgun, start with opening the action of your BB gun. Secondly, close or snap the action of your BB gun shut. Next, pour as much of the BB shot as you want down the muzzle and insert a pop-it into the muzzle. Finally, pump your gun as much as possible and fire.
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1. Open the action of your BB gun; you may be using the model 25 BB gun. Take a small amount of paper towel and roll it into a tight ball. Place it inside of the barrel of the gun
410 or 20 gauge, the make of the gun depends on what you like.
I would go with anything that is semi automatic first off. these guns use most of the recoil for reloading the weapon automatically. Then comes the guage. if it is for a woman or
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