Small Worms in the House?


Small worms may be found in a house in dark, dusty corners. Get some bug spray and exterminate them. These may have come in on someones clothes or shoes and reproduced.
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Since I don't know what the worms look like, I can't tell you what kind they are. However, there are a few worms commonly found inside. Small, reddish-brown worms can be insect larvae
centipedes. sounds like Portugese millipedes(dark brown to black in colour)
1. Cut the top off the two-liter soda bottle using a exacto knife. 2. Shovel about two inches of soil into the soda bottle. Pat down this soil firmly. 3. Shovel a thin layer of sand
1. Dump the water in a hot, dry place so the water evaporates and the larvae die. 2. Pour a bird-safe mosquito repellent into the water to kill the little worms. 3. Insert a water
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Small brown worms in the house could be carpet beetle larvae. They feed on furniture, clothes, and carpet. They get in through small holes, carrying them from ...
Tiny worms in the house are usually one to five inch centipedes which like to live in small, dark places in the house. Centipedes are brown or red in color and ...
You probably have meal worms. They feed on food in your kitchen,like flour products. They are small brow-grey moths about the size of an M&M. It's best to ...
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