When I plug my smartdisk firelite USBFLB40C into the usb port it says it needs to be formated. What is the problem?


If it is new and has not come pre formatted then you need to format it to match the system as it still could be in RAW state, but I would expect usb devices to be preformatted. (not always the case though) A bit of history:- FAT32 recognised by all
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http://www.ramelectronics.net/audiovideo/computer-cables/usb-cables/c20000-c21000-c21300-p1.html there's a few different types of usb connectors. need to choose the right fit.
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Why not get the Firewire version - then you can boot as well. We carry pocketdrives with USB only and long warranties ( 3 years ) as well as the Firewire USB versions. Love to move
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Amazon has a good price for the hard drive. You can find a terrific price for the Verbatim SmartDisk CrossFire External Hard Drive - Hard drive - 500 GB - external ...
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