How can you stop your body from smelling like garlic?


It can take up to 72 hours for the garlic smell to leave your body. The best way to get rid of a garlic smell from your body is exercising. The more you exercise, the more the body will sweat. The pores on the body will help get rid of the odor that is often given from garlic. Another way is basic hygiene. Showering and brushing your teeth may help.
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1. Chew on a fresh sprig of parsley. 2. Chew on fresh mint. 3. Drink a glass of mint tea. 4. Squeeze a medium-sized lemon in a bowl and soak your hands in the juice for three minutes
it means you didn't take a shower.
A few spritzes of strong-scented perfume, or plain rubbing
That's not actually what happens - or we would drown when we bathe or swim. If a substance can form molecular chains that reach past the skin's surface down to the layer of skin where
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