Which smells do cats hate?


There are various smells that cats hate that can seemingly drive them crazy. These smells may cause the cats to jump and run, or they just may prevent a cat from entering an area with these smells to begin with. Some smells that cats hate include citrus scents, cayenne pepper, some soaps, and plants like lavendar, geraniums, and absinthe. Cats also hate the smell of their own dirty litter box and will resist going there if it is not cleaned regularly.
Q&A Related to "Which smells do cats hate?"
Citrus is supposed to repel most cats. If they are messing with house plants, orange peels are supposed to keep them away.
The taste and smell of powdered cayenne pepper can prevent a woodchuck from eating your plants. Simply sprinkle a liberal dose of cayenne pepper on plants and in your garden dirt
Get him neutered. No smell is going to keep a competitive tom away, and your cat will just wind up in more fights leading to more injuries and more vet bills. If you get him fixed
Cats are known to be finicky creatures - in addition to citrus, they also tend
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